Latin America

Brazil and the Amazon: Current destruction and Historical Exploitation

The history of mistreatment of the "world's lungs"

“The rainforests of Brazil are being torn down” pontificated Joe Biden, during the first presidential debate just over a month a half ago. With the COVID-19 Crisis and the ensuing economic malaise and political turmoil that followed, many may have forgotten that this issue is still unresolved. The US politician and presidential contender, in what

An Economic Tsunami: COVID-19 in Colombia

Interview with Daniel Diaz

“At this moment, as we are in a tsunami and the wave is still active, let’s say… the corporate decisions are all focused in taking the most urgent actions.” These are the words of Daniel Diaz, managing director of the Colombian investment banking firm Trigono. Colombia reacted relatively fast to the Covid-19 outbreak in the

Handling the Pandemic in Latin America: Populism vs. Pragmatism

  For the past few months, governments across the world have imposed lockdowns on their populations. Measures against the novel coronavirus have varied from one country to another. In early 2020 China imposed a massive and immediate lockdown on the affected populations and used technology to track every possible infected person. Most of Northern Europe,