Historical Economics

Grow Up and Quit Socialism: The Path to Science

Does studying economics transform young economists into advocates of liberalism? From Nobel Prize winners in Economics to your own teachers, many influential economists have shifted from socialist perspectives in their youth to embrace liberal ideas.

“There are no possible rules of a just distribution in a system where the distribution is not deliberately the result of people bringing it about. Justice is an attribute of individual action. I can be just or unjust towards my fellow men; but the conception of social justice to expect from an impersonal process, which

The Cult of Personality

A Discussion of the Power of the Self

Besides being a popular song by Living Colour, the ‘Cult of Personality’ is probably also one of the paramount factors that shaped history over the last century. By definition, the pejorative term implies that the leader of a totalitarian state has brought his characteristics near to deification, through propaganda. Or in a simpler manner, the

Is the Marshall Plan What Made the Rest of the World a Modern Consumer Society?

Are we a “modern consuming society”? According to Global Footprint Network’s  “How many Earths?” research, If we keep consuming at this pace, the US would need the equivalent of 4.6 planet Earths to provide the resources and absorb the waste of the consuming citizens; while Japan would need 2.4 Earths and Europe, 2.3. Those numbers indeed


-The Canal that Changed the Flow of Romanian History

I’ve always had the feeling that talking about communism is rather taboo in Romania. The academic year would always end before we reached 1947 in history class. As such, I am reluctant to dive into such a sensitive subject. But here I stand, after reading an interview from a dear family friend that was a