Netflix and Chill

As the sunny days in Amsterdam are slowly drifting away (in case you were lucky to see those), the demand for a comforting cup of hot chocolate and a nice evening watch is on the rise. In case you are the kind of person that freerides on your friend’s Netflix account, the Apple-TV launch may

Volkswagen Scandal: A Reflection of the German Economic Model ?

The following article is referenced to the Financial Times article: Volkswagen: System Failure by Richard Milne:   The article gives a good overview of the various scandals that the Volkswagen (VW) was involved in, as well as some basic information with regards to the so-called ‘German model of capitalism’ and the

Under the Shadow of the Great Recession – Room For Discussion

More on a decade following the most devastating financial crisis since the Great Depression. The effects of a crisis are experienced today. Its outbreak occurred on September 15, 2008, when the investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. As of that moment, the United States collapsed and then the rest of the developed economies followed.