Environmental Economics

The Rebels’ Offer: The Action or the Path to Action

Room for Discussion: Will Extinction Rebellion save our Planet?

Ernst-Jan Kuiper, activist, scientist and geologist, and Lennart Tiller, activist and former student at the University College of Amsterdam were interviewed by Room for Discussion on November 26th 2019. The representatives of Extinction Rebellion(XR) met when arrested in a protest against climate change, a common enemy. Room for Discussion addressed the feasibility of XR’s demands

A Talk with the Rebels

Extinction Rebellion at Room for Discussion

“Rebels for life”, the guys from Extinction Rebellion are here to make you understand that polluting the planet is no joke. The global climate movement, which originated in May 2018 has seen increased spotlight as their protest become more frequent. Their occupation of five key London locations, in April 2019, has been a focal point