Environmental Economics

The Dilemma of Growth

The environment not only provides the substance and space for economic activity but also is the container of castoff produced by human activity. Economic growth not only improves people’s life quality but also brings several environmental problems, such as air pollution, water pollution, soil degradation, desertification and more. The traditional path to development The issues

SPREAD THE WORD! Foreign Companies and the Government are Tearing Down Turkey’s Lungs Hand-to-Hand for $100 million!

Hasankeyf, ODTU Forest, Ankara Atatürk Forest, and now, Salda and Mount Ida (Kaz Dağları) . There are dozens of other beauties in the world being destroyed by governments and foreign investors. Is there an end to that?

Mount Ida (Kaz Dağları) a.k.a “Valley of Troy” is where the foundations of the Troyan war were laid. The gods watched it from here, Zeus was born on this mountain, Paris lived here. Today, it separates Aegean Region from Marmara Region, and is one of the biggest sources of oxygen and wildlife variety in Turkey, containing

The Uninhabitable Earth

The interview with Mr. Wallace-Wells

On the 27th of March Room for Discussion is cooperation with Spui25 and book publisher “De Bezige Bij” hosted an event with David Wallace-Wells. During the event Mr. Wallace-Wells presented his book “The Uninhabitable Earth”, was interview by Room for Discussion and answered some audience questions. The article by Timothy Mulder introduces Mr. Wallace-Wells and his