How Close Can You Go #1 – Interview Co-CEO Flow Traders

“The most important thing in life is the feeling that you have worked fucking hard to achieve something” – Dennis Dijkstra, Co-CEO of Flow Traders Rostra Economica is starting a new series named “How Close Can You go”. This will be a series of interviews with top executives, partners, recruitment professionals and other interesting people.

The Bankruptcies in the Dutch Retail Sector

What are the reasons behind the late bankruptcies of many Dutch retail stores?

In the Dutch retail sector, quite a lot of shops have been declared bankrupt in the last two years. The most famous bankruptcy is the one of V&D (Vroom&Dreesmann), but there are many more: Aktiesport, Perry Sport, Dixons, Scapino, Dolcis, Manfield, DA, Miss Etam, ‘Schoenenreus’ and Free Record Shops. This list is much longer but

Fintech & Beyond

On the promise and real impact of the tech start-up’s financial sibling.

Financial technology is hot. Abbreviated to Fintech, it is the financial spinoff of the tech start-up and has been making waves across the world. Big banks and financial firms are channelling significant amounts of money into fintech. Even “nuchter” Holland has not escaped the hype: fintech is being actively supported by the Dutch government and