Neoliberalism: The Con of the Century

In 1938, French philosopher Louis Rougier organised the Walter Lippmann Colloquium. This was a conference of intellectuals whose main objective was to come up with a new liberal philosophy in order to replace the failed laissez-faire liberalism and fight the rise of collectivism and socialism. It was at this summit that the term neoliberalism was

The News That Shaped the Month – May 2016

UvA Inside – by Olga Kowalska From the 9th to 13th of May, UvA (Faculty and Central) Student Council elections took place. Students could choose between four parties for the CSR (Central Student Council) and between two parties for the FSR (Faculty Student Council) FEB. The election turnout was sadly quite low: only 19,7% of

The News that Shaped the Month #5

News Recap: World of Economics – by Daniel Koudijs Over the past month, just as worries about China began to lose some of their clout, another familiar headache appeared: plummeting banks’ shares. Reminiscent of the crisis years, the European bank stock index fell drastically; close to 2012 levels when European banks were in deep trouble. Mario