Mental Health

A little has been told about mental diseases and its importance for the well-functioning of the economy. The aim of this article is not to give an exhaustive explanation of how mental disorders happen, neither to talk about how to face them, but to give some figures about them and to make a call to

Food Waste: A Failing Food System

Food is undervalued in our society. Two centuries of industrial revolutions and technological progress have radically transformed our economy. Along with this, our personal interests, occupations, and priorities have also shifted. In the eighteenth century, agriculture was deemed the essential means of subsistence; nowadays, it ranks in the bottom sectors of our economy. In our

Why Living In Amsterdam Is So Expensive

Anyone who has tried to find a house in Amsterdam will have noticed that you need either a lot of money or a lot of patience. Amsterdam, like other large cities, has seen massive growth in its housing prices. Consultancy bureau KnightFrank calculated a real increase of 63.6% in the last 5 years. Considering both the