The impact of COVID-19 on the airline industry

On a clear night of March an Airbus A340 lowered its landing gear as it entered final approach to Munich airport. Inside the cockpit, captain Jörg Otto received final permission to land from air traffic control. Behind, the cabin was filled to the brim, all seats taken. Silence followed as the aircraft lightly glided down

Taboos in the Financial Market

Overview of the financial market and why people should not be as afraid as they are

How often have we watched movies like The Wolf of Wall Street or The Big Short, idolatrising the financial market and its wealth opportunities? However, the tendency is always to see that world as something unreachable, either because of the knowledge needed to work in that sector or due to the initial investment required to

The Evolution of Money: Turmoil or Development?

An overview of the developments in the payment industry and its broader social impact

Paper currency is becoming a thing of the past. Cash, as we know it right now, is becoming something more of a niche slice of the pie rather than covering the entire market as it used to do. With the advent of numerous fields which by their nature rely on, for instance, online payments, the