Beyond Borders

Economic Inequality in a Wealthier World

Economic inequality has increased in nearly all countries for the past decades. Institutions and policies do matter in preventing it.

As a record number of private jets landed in Davos in January 2019 for the World Economic Forum, non-profit Oxfam released its annual inequality statistics. The report stated that the 26 richest billionaires own as many assets as the 3.8 billion people making up the poorest half of the planet’s population. It added that, in

The Opportunities of Global Warming

The Case of the Svalbard Islands

In recent times, the phrase ‘global warming’ – or its somewhat broader placeholder, ‘climate change’ – has been on everyone’s minds. Whether you have actively engaged with the subject or you have just briefly discussed it with your friends over coffee, it is quite likely that you know the basics. Earth is hot. Or at

UEFA had Enough of State-run Clubs

On 14 February 2020, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) announced a ban on English football club, Manchester City, for breaching Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations. The club was fined 30 million euros and barred from participating in UEFA cup competitions for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons. This concluded an investigation launched in 2018