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Can We Change the World? Demonstrations in 2019

Unprecedented Political Mobilization is Calling for a New Social Contract between Citizens and States.

2019 seems to have consolidated an unusual outpouring of widespread anger. In fact, not since the wave of “people power” movements in the late 1980s and 1990s has the world experienced such a wave of demonstrations. Algeria, Bolivia, Britain, India, Sudan, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, France, Guinea, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Pakistan – the

The Rise and Fall of Somali Piracy

As a consequence of the collapse of the Somali state in 1991, the country was left without a government. The subsequent disbandment of the Somali Navy meant there were no forces to defend the coastline, which prompted foreign fishing vessels to employ a variety of non-sustainable fishing techniques that devastated Somali fisheries. Local clan leaders

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Recently, Spotify released your yearly statistics with minutes listened and your favorite artists. It probably was not hard to miss as almost all your friends shared it on social media. For me, it was the first year using this music platform which made me pleasantly satisfied. So my first question was how do artists make

The Fight Against Stereotypes

How overcoming our stereotypes may be productive both for us and for people with disabilities, thus improving their inclusion and overall social wellbeing

In the fall of 2016, a student attending his final year of high school in the state of New York was unsatisfied about his work/life opportunities after graduation. He thought that if he did not like what life had to offer him, he should open his own business. And so he did. After partnering with his