Beyond Borders

Humans Being (A)part from Nature

How humans have managed to break loose from the rest of life.

Last week, I saw the new documentary by David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet. His documentaries are often about how beautiful the Earth is, but this one was different. He shows how humans have made a mess of our planet. Attenborough reveals in a very clear way how nature has developed since the 1950s.

Asymmetry: The Disproportionate Effects of Covid-19 on Women

The invasive nature of the Covid-19 pandemic does not rest solely on biological factors: it has abruptly influenced vital areas of our existence, such as education, employment, and family life. Although the virus itself can spread equally amongst individuals, women worldwide have experienced more social and economic disadvantages as a result of the pandemic than

How Are The Mighty Fallen!

“The west is the best Get here and we’ll do the rest” – The Doors, The End (1967)  Jim Morrison couldn’t have foreseen that those words would ring with more irony today than they did when he wrote them over 50 years ago. At present, Costa Ricans enjoy a higher life expectancy than US citizens, Belarus has a lower poverty rate than Canada, Jordan has a higher literacy rate than