Beyond Borders

Freedom from the Press

Private people versus the public interest

In 2002, the California Coastal Records Project took to the skies to monitor the erosion of the Golden State’s shoreline. Unbeknownst to them, one of the over 12,000 photos compiled captured the sprawling residence of Barbra Streisand. Despite the image languishing in archival obscurity, the singer and actress promptly filed a $50 million lawsuit against

The Dilemma of Vaccination Passports

The use of vaccine passes aren’t without precedent – in the 1920s, most American schools required proof of smallpox vaccination from children wishing to attend. Nevertheless, talks of introducing the Covid-19 vaccination pass (termed as the Digital Green Pass) by the European Commission seem to be causing an especially controversial debate, especially within a population

Innovation, Has It Lost Its Magic?

“We wanted flying cars; instead, we got 140 characters” – Peter Thiel

One of the most significant forces behind economic growth is that of innovation. The consistent creation of new ideas and the perpetual improvement of existing products has led to unprecedented societal enhancements over the past 200 years. Since the industrial revolution happened in the 18th century, civilization has been introduced to numerous inventions that have pushed

Battery Strife

How going green is bound to get us all charged up

No sovereign nation has ever been able to lay claim to more than 20% of global oil reserves, the backbone of 20th century energy and the underlying cause of immeasurable bloodshed. If current trends are to be heeded and the harnessing of renewables is to power this century, batteries are destined to be the bottleneck