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Torsten Jochem is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Amsterdam Business School. His research is on governance (broadly defined) and capital markets. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and traveling.

The Problem with “Putting that Class Online”

Every teaching term I am asked whether I will record my lectures and put them online. I don’t. While it may be convenient for students to watch the lectures from anywhere and anytime, and perhaps even repeatedly, I remain unconvinced of the upside. Students often have most of the study material already provided online on

Governance and State Survival in Afghanistan

Do electoral institutions matter for Afghanistan's survival?

Is Afghanistan becoming a failed state again? Despite billions of dollars in aid and more than a decade of support in military and administrative capacity building, recent news is not encouraging: with more than 10,000 civilian casualties (deaths and injuries) due to insurgency-related fighting, 2014 was the deadliest year since the UN started keeping records.