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“Death to France”

Why is the French Republic trapped in the crosshairs of radical Islamists?

Since 2012 there have been 95 recorded incidents of Islamist terrorism in Europe, collectively claiming 373 lives. Of these, 28, or almost 30%, have taken place on French soil, amounting to 265 victims, over 70% of the total body count. What exactly have the French people or the Republic they inhabit and embody done to deserve such a vile fate in the minds of

Claudio Borio and the Behind-the-Scenes Bank Keeping Us Afloat

The chief economist of the central bankers' bank discusses the price of the pandemic.

Claudio Borio, a man humorously self-described as “very secretive”, is without doubt one of the most important people you’ve never heard of. Italian by birth, he grew up in Argentina before a gap year in the UK fortuitously turned into a 9-year stint at the University of Oxford: all the way from PPE undergraduate to research fellow, picking up a

New New Labour

The Official Opposition Officially Back In Business

Brexit, coronavirus, the US presidential election – competition for the spotlight of public attention is rarely so fierce. On the stage of British politics in particular, the battle for the immediate health and long-term prospects of UK nationals seems to have pitted the Conservative government against a new foe every day of the year. Meanwhile, reeling from a historic defeat in the general election last December, the

How Are The Mighty Fallen!

“The west is the best Get here and we’ll do the rest” – The Doors, The End (1967)  Jim Morrison couldn’t have foreseen that those words would ring with more irony today than they did when he wrote them over 50 years ago. At present, Costa Ricans enjoy a higher life expectancy than US citizens, Belarus has a lower poverty rate than Canada, Jordan has a higher literacy rate than

COVID-19 Dispatch: Frans de Waal Talks Human Nature

Our evolutionary past manifests itself in more ways than one.

The world hasn’t been quite this chaotic for some time: society as we know it seems ripe to burst after three months of pandemic. If you’re tired of the accusatory politics and contradictory science, Frans de Waal is just the right man to take a step back and peel back the layers of perplexing human

Space Corp.

One small step for a private company, one giant leap for the private sector.

For the first time since the Space Shuttle was decommissioned in 2011, American astronauts were launched aboard an American spacecraft from American soil. On Saturday May 30th, NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken took off from Cape Canaveral in a SpaceX vehicle, and successfully docked with the ISS on Sunday morning. The event marked the first time that a private company has been contracted (and, crucially, trusted) by NASA to perform such a delicate

Rhythm and Blues

How the sudden break in routine is wreaking havoc with our personal lives.

The beat has stopped, yet the show must go on. The global consequences of lockdown are plastered wall to wall across every news outlet. The personal consequences, however, are far more discreet. Ever since the plug was pulled we have been swaying awkwardly, mouths agape, waiting for the party to resume. Yet rather than just a skip on the record, it now sounds like we’re in this for the long haul. Unless we make a compelling effort to adapt and keep our footing, our new rhythm will feel awfully like

COVID-19 Dispatch: Adam Tooze Talks History In The Making

A crisis expert makes sense of a world in chaos.

It can’t have escaped many by now that what we are living through is entirely unprecedented. Despite the novelty of these uncertain times, a great many lessons can be learned from those well-versed in historical disaster. Adam Tooze towers above the fray as arguably the most informed of them all: Professor of History at Columbia University, former International Security Studies director at

COVID-19 Dispatch: Arnoud Boot Talks Europe’s Funding Feud

United we stand, divided we fall short.

If you were tasked with crafting the most eye-watering resumé imaginable for a finance student, you’d be hard pressed to do better than Arnoud Boot’s. The University of Amsterdam’s very own Professor of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, whose expertise has previously been called upon by the central banks of the Netherlands, France and Sweden, also happens to be the author of a collection of renowned books on banking and

Biting The Hand That Heals You

         In many corners of the globe, calling out the tyrannical practices of an over-zealous executive, corrupt judicial or archaic legislature is crucial for progress, peace and prosperity. In the most mature democracies of the developed world (“Western world” belongs on the Rolodex of anachronisms), we’ve all but forgotten what it means to worry about the sanctity our fundamental institutions. The pillars of our governments stand true and inviolable, and yet, for some reason, public discontent

A Kingdom Divided, An Ireland Reunited?

      It’s no secret that England and Ireland have historically endured a bitter relationship. Northern Ireland, the offspring of their centuries-old row, traumatized by decades of violence, is today cause for concern for both of its progenitors. As cascading political upheavals have passions running high, cries for re–examining the custody of the country have been growing louder by the day. Is it high time for Northern Ireland to take its leave of the United Kingdom and