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Ruslan Azarov is an IT / Fintech entrepreneur, 3rd year Finance student at UvA, with slight background in political science from Ukraine. He loves skiing and surfing and plays in a football team.

Peer-to-Peer Derivatives?

Peer-to-peer lending reinvents banking as we know it. What began about a decade ago as a means to borrow money for those who couldn’t do it at the banks is now becoming a mainstream financial instrument. The volumes of loans are increasingly growing, showing incredible 300% growth over a single year as measured by April

Financial Innovations in Private Lending

Whenever media focus leans towards financial innovations, the conversations usually start and end with Bitcoin, possibly with some mentions of other cryptocurrencies in between. Unfortunately, Bitcoin hasn’t yet amounted to anything more than a speculative trading object, but innovations in finance do not have to be so radical – and there are many less obvious

There Goes the Eurozone

Eurozone has officially slipped into deflation, December 2014 prices were 0.2pc lower than a year earlier. January has shown a deeper slide of 0.6pc as compared to January 2014. Most of the general public believed that the ECB was going to launch its multi-billion Quantitative Easing programme in one of its next meetings. However, German

Game of Lies

Until recently, Ukraine and Russia have been as close as two nations can be: the Russian language is commonly spoken in Ukraine, there are many cultural similarities and the challenges for political and social development produced by the collapse of the USSR. However, with global geopolitical interests drawing the two countries apart, the media resources