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Hi there! I'm a second year Economics student with a keen interest in Psychology, Philosophy and Behavioral Economics. One of my main hobbies is watching movies, so in the near future I plan on blending in the above-mentioned fields with personal film commentaries and others of this kind.

Cinematic Eggcellence

What is it that makes movies great? Or let me rephrase, what was it that made movies great? Actually, according to several film critics, in terms of quality, not much has changed in the last decades. By looking at most of the reviews they so vividly write, one would say we’re in the golden era

Consume, sleep, repeat

It is in human nature to feel in control of the choices we make in our own lives, such as going to the right university, marrying the ideal partner or even deciding which bike would suit us best. According to standard economic theory, consumers, given their personal preferences, try to maximize their own utility within