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I enjoy writing about environmental-related topics.

A Nobel Prize to Climate Change

Last Monday 8th October, the prize in Economic Sciences was awarded. The winners? William Nordhaus and Paul Romer, for “integrating innovation and climate with economic growth” (as declared by the Royal Swedish Academy). The prize this year has been shared between the two American economists for bringing long-term thinking on climate issues and technological innovation

A Brief Introduction to Puigdemont and Catalonia’s Independence

Carles Puigdemont Journalist and politician, Carles Puigdemont i Casamajó became president of the Government of Catalonia in 2016. His term was a relatively short one by leaving his charge in 2017, when he was dismissed by the Spanish Central Government after an unilateral declaration of Independence. Nowadays, he lives in Belgium, being sought by Spain

Populism: where does it come from, where does it lead us

We are living a paradox. On one hand, globalization is steadily increasing. Free trade, international agreements, technology development, they all contribute to this rapid growth which we are experiencing and which could get even stronger. Because of this growth, company “giants” such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, etc., have risen, increasing our living-standards significantly. As

China’s attempts to fight climate change

Industrialised China has faced pollution problems for several years. A wide variety of documentaries on the country’s pollution can be easily found online, and pretty much everyone has seen the shocking images of Beijing or other cities covered in smog. Nevertheless, things seem to be changing. How does China tackle pollution? About air pollution In

The Cost of What You Eat

Food (and land) security has become a major issue in the last years. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that one in nine people are chronically undernourished. With the world’s population expected to increase up to 9-11 billion by 2050, an urgent question has risen: how will we feed ourselves in the

Do animals have rights?

During this Christmas, I came to read a newspaper article that caught my attention: in Spain, my country of origin, pets are no longer going to be personal custodies as of December 2017. This means that in case of a divorce, agreements can be reached to share the custody and the costs of pets between