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Beating the Box Office for Dummies

For what is demanded, there is supply...

One of the first things they teach you in an introductory statistics class is that you shouldn’t take the average of ordinal data. It doesn’t make sense, because unlike 4 °C and 5 °C, the difference between four stars and five stars is neither quantifiable, nor the same for all people. For me, Twelve Angry

Surgeon General’s Bottle of Whiskey

How far should we go so as to protect consumers?

It’s hard not to see the wall of cigarettes at the service counters in supermarkets in the Netherlands. When I first came to Amsterdam, I was pretty surprised at the ‘Duty Free’-styled labelling on the cigarettes: Plain black text on a white box. I hadn’t paid so much attention to these labels in the past,

Fundamentals of the Blockchain

We all heard about that magical fiat currency called bitcoin that exists without a central bank or a physical presence. Its digital existence is not particularly confusing as almost all of our banking has become electronic, especially in the Netherlands where having cash on hand is something that’s almost a rare occurrence. However, not having

Where Have All Our Bees Gone Off To?

I really enjoy eating sugary breakfast cereals every now and then, but I’m more of a fan of muesli if I’m having something filling in the morning. However, one cereal that I do like quite a bit is  the Honey Pops Loops. In the Netherlands, it’s Kellogg’s that’s producing that type of ‘O’-shaped cereal; whereas