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Boyd Biersteker is an editor for Rostra Economica and a BSc student in Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam. Next to the occasional beer, Boyd enjoys economics, politics, reading and football.

Schwarzenegger’s Secrets to Success

Six lessons from the Austrian farm boy that, against all odds, became a great man

Schwarzenegger? You must be joking! Not even a little bit. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a living legend. Through sheer willpower he overcame great difficulties. His own father thought Arnold was crazy when Arnold told him he wanted to be the most muscular man on the planet — which, to be fair, sounds a bit odd coming from a

From poor to Singapore

How one man transformed Singapore from third to first world country.

The streets of Singapore are filled with mourning citizens. It reminds me of the scenes seen in North Korea when their great leader passed away. Only this seems more sincere. No over the top crying, just respectful lines of people waiting to pay a last tribute. These people are mourning the death of Lee Kuan

The Game Has Changed

What Wall Street has been up to lately

Flash Crash On May 6 2010, the Dow Jones dropped a thousand points within minutes. This astonishing nine percent decline came out of nowhere. Investors saw billions of dollars evaporate before their eyes in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, as crazy as the drop had seemed the recovery was equally shocking. That same day, a

Is The EU Doomed?

Oxford Professor Zielonka sheds light on where the EU is heading

A real European Jan Zielonka is a Polish national, has a Dutch passport, is an Italian resident and a British taxpayer. Thus it seems reasonable when this Oxford professor of European politics calls himself ‘a real European’. He recently wrote an essay which has been published under the title Is the EU doomed?. Last November

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

A lifetime of wisdom (Part II)

You’ve taken the first steps on the road to self-mastery. While this is still a work in progress, you can already begin your journey of the public victories. Three of the remaining four habits are concerned with one of the greatest assets of humanity, cooperation. The final habit then binds all habits together. Combined, these

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Part I

200 years of success at your disposal.

Your early twenties are among the most influential years of your life. Free of the burdens of adult life you can take chances and choose your own destiny. At least, that’s how it is supposed to be. Reality, is often very different. Caught up in day to day student life, lots of students drift aimlessly

The Greek Rebel

A glimpse inside the mind of Greece's new minister of finance.

Who? Dominating the headlines from the moment they were elected, the new Greek government has stirred up the status quo with a bang. The Greek government is using all its leverage to deliver on one of its key promises: getting rid of some of their debt and the associated sanctions. A key player in this