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What Happened After Catalonia Declared Itself Independent

Carles Puigdemont recently declared Catalonia an independent state with its own parliament. In its declaration of independence, Catalonia asked other countries and international organisations to acknowledge Catalonia as an independent state. Unfortunately for Catalonia, no country stood up to protect them. This is because it is a delicate matter within the EU. Most countries say

Housing for International Students

On Friday the 8th of September, more than 65 students gathered in front of the Academy Building of the University of Groningen. They placed tents, rolled out sleeping bags, and laid on air mattresses. Why? To show that they will just sleep in front of the university if there are no rooms for international students.

New Year, More Students

The new academic year has begun and everyone must have noticed how busy Roeterseiland, Science Park or any other location of the UvA is. It seems as if the amount of new students becomes larger every year. Indeed, this is the case: the number of students starting a bachelor’s at the university level has increased