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A Ukrainian third-year bachelor Economics student. I am passionate about travelling and food. Have a strong interest in political affairs and cannot live without music.

Based on the true story

Revelation of a life of an international student

As my Bachelor approaches to its end, I found myself reflecting back on the last years. Moving abroad for your studies is an amazing experience. Usually, it means having a lot of “new things” in your life – new country, new culture, new people and new challenges. I was only 16 when I first landed

To Master or Not To Master

Is a Master's Degree worth it?

Whether or not graduating school is worth the cost is a subject that’s rife with controversy. Depending on whom you talk to, getting a master’s degree or another advanced degree is either a great decision or a huge waste of time. The choice to attend graduate school is easy for future doctors and lawyers: they must

Think Big and Take Action

First ever TEDxUniversiteitVanAmsterdam edition. What was it like?

I enter the CREA Theatre, find a spot in the middle of the second row, face the well-known red TEDx sign, and I wait there with bated breath for the commencement. I was both excited and intrigued. Last Thursday was meant to be inspirational and transformative. And I am not just talking about the 2,5-hour