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Against All Odds

With the Champions League heading to it’s quarterfinals, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the hobby that most people get into during this period of the year: betting. Now, I’m not a betting guru, and my student bank account can prove that, but, some microeconomic studies do theorize on how to bet

Flow Traders, a Goldmine Itself?

Algorithmic trading firm Flow Traders has racked up 31 months without a single day of losses, making the Dutch company one of the big winners from the spread of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Flow Traders is listed the leading global technology-enabled liquidity provider, specializing in exchange traded products (ETPs). Flow Traders provides liquidity in ETP markets 24

Death from Overwork

Although the notorious strenuous overworking culture in Eastern Asia has been a widespread phenomenon that was recognised by the authorities for decades, there is still a considerable amount of workers suffering from overworking in various ways. In comparison to most European countries, the working environments in Eastern Asia are less laid-back, and these societies perceive

The Upcoming Dutch Elections

Probably more exciting than ever

There are nine days left for the Dutch to decide which party they want to vote for in the upcoming general elections. These will take place the 15th of March, and the decision appears to be harder than ever. The Dutch elections are being closely watched by other European countries, as the Netherlands is the