Once Upon a Time in Romania

In the back of our minds, we all somehow know that governments play a decisive role in the well-functioning of economies. The conduct of bad governments, while from a theoretical point of view logical and somewhat obvious, is quite difficult to imagine as actually being put into practice to the extent of severely damaging whole

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The Challenge of the Diseases of Poverty

For the past decades, public health experts and economists have been warning of the large human toll and economic losses caused by diseases of poverty, especially malaria, dengue fever, and sleeping sickness. To tackle this, funding agencies, philanthropies, and pharmaceutical companies have greatly invested in research to find a solution. However, most of these diseases

Just some more numbers: Does the U.S. care of peace?

A recent report from The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) revealed information about the global arms trade. The United States is the lead exporter in the arms industry followed by Russia, the two countries represent more than 50% of the global arms industry. Additionally, the data scientist Will Geary launched a visualization about the U.S. weapons

Fitting in

Feike Sijbesma on the Transition of Royal DSM

Feike Sijbesma, the CEO of Royal DSM, participated in the first Room for Discussion interview of the year, on the 15th of January.   In all honesty, many people, including myself, did not fully grasp the magnitude of Royal DSM. Their products are part of our daily lives without us even remotely realizing it. From