Japan: A Land of Old Criminals

Old Japanese see the jail as their way to escape from their reality as hunger and desperation knock at their doors.

The third economic power of the world is facing aging population problems. The Statistics Bureau of Japan showed in 2018 that elderly people (65 years and over) accounted for 27.7%, whereas the child population (0-14 years old) accounted for 12.3% of Japan’s population in 2017. Are Japanese people getting older nonstop? The economic growth of

Democrats Announce Articles For Impeachment

Last Tuesday, House Democrats announced their impeachment charges against President Donald J. Trump. This happened after an almost two-and-a-half-month-long impeachment inquiry into the Trump-Ukraine scandal. Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler announced during a press conference that his committee is introducing two articles on impeachment, charging the president with high crimes and misdemeanors. The first article

Play Discover Weekly

Recently, Spotify released your yearly statistics with minutes listened and your favorite artists. It probably was not hard to miss as almost all your friends shared it on social media. For me, it was the first year using this music platform which made me pleasantly satisfied. So my first question was how do artists make

Psst …. Wanna Buy an Academic Chair? It’s Free!

Becoming a professor without participating in teaching and research? Seems weird …. but not at our faculty. Guest author S. de Beter* tells you more.

For students there are just good and bad teachers. For the academic staff, however, there is a huge difference between PhD, post-doc and assistant professors on the one hand and ‘real’ professors – entitled to call themselves ‘hoogleraar’ – at the other. Those in the first category work hard for little money, often on a