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The Impact of Social Media on Democracy

The attention on how social medias and search engines shape our perspective on different critical topics has come back to the spotlight after the “shocking” US election result. I use the word “shocking” in this context because if you were like me, regularly following the news and information provided by the mainstream medias and seemingly

The Division of the Bachelor’s

From Economics & Business to Business Administration and Economics & Business Economics

As of September 1st 2017, UvA Economics and Business (FEB) will split up the bachelor’s in Economics & Business into two separate bachelor’s programmes: Business Administration and Economics & Business Economics. Both new bachelor’s degrees will focus on the international position of the University of Amsterdam and will therefore be in English. There will no

The D&D Referendum

Change is in the air.

One thing about mankind that has always surprised me with is its ability to create complex social structures, capable of equally distributing duties and responsibilities for the sake of efficiency. This is something we observe in other animal species, such as ants and bees, whose colonies are so efficient and enduring exactly because each member

The News That Shaped the Month – November 2016

UvA Recap – by Daphne Sweers Facilitated by the University of Amsterdam, the Democratisation and Decentralisation Committee will have an advisory referendum on its proposals from 23th of November until the 11th of December. Many of you will recall the protests in 2015 and eventually the occupation of the Maagdenhuis, which reflected a high degree

“The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”

“First, negative affect may shape people’s decisions by coloring the content of their thoughts. It is well established that under negative mood people’’s perceptions, thoughts, and judgments are often distorted toward greater negativity—an effect known as mood congruency (…). Second, negative affective states may alter the process through which people make decisions. It is widely