Are We Sustainable? …and Looking Forward

Yes, or maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves.

In recent years, sustainability issues have been taking the centre stage of the business world. Green technology has also achieved tremendous progress: not only are they beneficial to the environment, but also profitable investments as well. In spite of such success, people tend to be over-reliant on it. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, some

A South African Sauvignon, Please!

The Importance of Wine for the Biggest African Economy

While you are enjoying your chenin blanc, sauvignon blanc or merlot in the sun, you probably do not realize the importance of this refreshment for the South African economy. In almost every restaurant in Amsterdam, they serve wines from the southern country, since South Africa is the producer of 4.1% of the world’s wine, and

The Internet, the Economics and Expectations

“Life is, largely, a matter of expectation..” — Horace How many times have you changed your opinion in the past couple of weeks? How many articles, YouTube videos, Facebook posts or Instagram pictures have you seen that presented plausible counter arguments to your opinion? In the ‘.com’ era, opinions change as fast as weather forecasts, and

A Look into the History of Economic Thought: Mercantilism

As a new editor for Rostra Economica with a particular interest in history, I would like to contribute to the magazine’s diversity of topics by presenting a peek into the history of economic thought, which can prove insightful when looking at present and future economic systems. Mercantilist theory was dominant in most of Europe throughout