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Why Proactive Reputational Risk Management Matters

People are reminded how influential negative news can damage organisations from time to time with dramatic company public relations crises. In a global economy where hard-to-assess intangible assets, such as brand equity plays important roles when determining the companies’ market value, they are especially vulnerable to anything that damages their reputations. Take a recent case for

The Cow Story

India has the highest number of domesticated bovine animals, approximately 294 million, making it the largest country in this regard. The husbandry of bovine animals has been the topic of multiple studies, many of which focus on the economic aspects of it. In a landmark study conducted in 1971, Alan Heston showed that there were

Eurovision – a New Field for Politicians?

Most people do like watching reality shows, contests and singing competitions. Watching Eurovision is another way to enjoy your evening. Eurovision is a singing competition, where each participating country sends one performer to represent themselves. The songs are brand new, meaning that they have been written just for the contest. Although it seems very simple,

Dirty Harry of the Philippines has a plan, but will it work?

Behind the Filipino crackdown on drugs

Leila de Lima is a senator from the Philippines, the former Secretary of the Department of Justice, and a human rights activist. In late February, she was arrested by the Filipino police for alleged involvement in drug trafficking. Coincidentally, she is also one of the fiercest opponents of the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte,