Why Did China End Its One-Child Policy?

Since the beginning of the 1950’s China’s population exploded. Starting from roughly 500 million, the number of inhabitants almost tripled to 1.4 billion people. Putting it into perspective, this is more than North America, Australia, and Europe combined have. Policy makers in the 1970`s knew that this strong economic growth will lead to an overpopulation

Socialising Girls to Become Women

A Review of The Second Sex

“One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman”, argues Simone de Beauvoir in her magnum opus, The Second Sex. Womanhood as a social and cultural construct seems obvious today, but back in 1949, when the book was published, her ideas were rated highly controversial. As a matter of fact, the Vatican put The Second

The Rich vs. the Poor

A Brief Analysis about Mexico's Polarized Society.

Classism: (noun) Prejudice against people belonging to a particular social class. (Oxford Dictionary)