Is the Time for Nuclear Power Over?

An analysis of our use of nuclear power, and how this contrasts with our available renewable sources.

Nuclear power has generated a controversial debate. Proponents of this energy, such as the World Nuclear Association and Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy, contend that nuclear power is a safe, sustainable energy source that has the potential to reduce our carbon emissions. Opponents, such as Greenpeace and NIRS, argue that nuclear power poses many threats to

International Women’s Day

The celebration of achievements in gender parity

International Women’s Day is a day to look back and see how far we have come as a society when it comes to women’s rights. In order to celebrate women’s achievements on International Women’s Day, Room for Discussion held an interview with Dr. Cara Antoine, Diana van Maasdijk, and Carine de Meyere. The interview touched upon

The Power of Women in Business

From the second half of the 20th century onwards, the accelerating gender parity has led to apparent improvements for women in areas such as leadership, politics or education. As a result, the range of opportunities, as well as their presence in essential, decision-making positions of businesses, have generally increased. Consequently, many resources were invested in

Understanding Brexit

The European Impact

Brexit has been the talk of Europe for the past three years. The abundant information provided by various publications makes it hard for many to form a structured and objective view on the matter. If you want to be part of the people that get a better insight into the topic and voice informed opinions

Ambassador Pete Hoekstra: The Dutch have ‘lange tenen’

On Wednesday Feb 27th, US ambassador Pete Hoekstra was a guest at Room for Discussion (we published this introductory article in advance.) The interview covered both domestic and foreign US policy, and transatlantic relations. Hoekstra is not like most previous ambassadors. Not only does he represent the unconventional Trump administration, but he also sparked controversy